Jerzy Petersburski Junior - pianist, composer, satirist.

Jerzy Petersburski Junior I was born on 14th January, 1969 r. at 11.05 p.m. in Warsaw. It was Tuesday.
On Monday I still did not realize what I am going to face when I am born. And I had only nice surprises coming - my beloved Mother Sylwia Klejdysz Petersburska - opera singer, wonderful Dad Jerzy Petersburski Senior - world famous composer and there was also great joy that my parents finally had me and I saw who for these nine months had been playing the piano and singing for me till I fell asleep. Thanks to that just after my birth I already knew some of my Dad's hits by heart.

My first piano teacher was naturally my Dad Jerzy Senior. At the age of four I wrote my first short compositions for piano. I treated the piano as a place of wonderful fun and not obligation. Mini-concert piano duets and songs which my Mother was singing I remember till today. And this great love my parents transferred to me is the most important for a child because it bears fruit.

Not only had my Dad been a great composer but also an exceptional man.
As a small boy I was observing him joking as he had an incredible sense of humor. When our friends visited us, among others Ludwik Sempoliński - "Lunio", they were watching my performances and my fooling around. I was impersonating various characters, reciting made-up poems as I went along, not to mention my dressing ups - I do not mean women's clothes. Obviously, the permanent element during the visits was the moment when my Mother asked me - Jerzynku, could you play the piece you have composed lately, please. I look at it now with deeper understanding because every parent wants to boast about his/her child. As a matter of fact, I owe my Mother a lot because in spite of being single she was able to make sure I did not feel the void after my Dad's death, who died on 7th October, 1979. She was my guide until my high school graduation exam - she was present on my final piano examination, she was present on my master's defence. And she still is, although she joined my Dad on 19th September, 1994.

In 1976 I started my musical education at the E. Młynarski Musical School (1st level) in Warsaw in the piano class by headmaster Irena Kirjacka. After my Dad's death in 1979 my Mother transferred me to the Karol Szymanowski Musical School (1st and 2nd level) in Warsaw, also to the piano class. In the primary piano school I was taught by Prof. Maria Niemira whereas in secondary school by Prof. Bronisława Kawallia. I graduated from secondary school in 1988 with very good results.

I studied at the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw.
I recall these times, these people with pleasure ...
In 1994 I finished my studies with very good results, defending my master's thesis "Życie i twórczość Jerzego Petersburskiego Seniora" ("Life and works of Jerzy Petersburski Senior"). I remember my master's defence very well. Looking at my thesis, the dean asked suddenly - Could you tell me, please ... This Adolf Dymsza, is he also a musician?
In spite of that, as I mentioned earlier, I recall these times, these people with pleasure.

The childhood fooling around, great sense of humor and distance to myself, together with ability to play the piano and compose bore fruit.
During my studies I started working in the TV programme "Kawa czy Herbata" as well as began cooperating with advertising agencies, for which I composed music for TV advertisements.
And so the machine was set in motion ...
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